Chad Sheridan

  • Baldwin moves from Transportation HQ to FAA for CIO role

    Andre Mendes, who has been acting CIO at the Commerce Department since August, is now the permanent technology leader. Beth Angerman, the former GSA principal deputy associate administrator in the Office of Governmentwide Policy, found a new home in the private sector.

  • Presidential candidate lays out plan to reshape federal workforce

    In today’s Federal Newscast, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is promising big changes to federal hiring and ethics policies if she is elected president.

  • Reshaping how cybersecurity is delivered

    Sean Kelley sits down with Chad Sheridan to discuss his new role as Chief, Service Delivery and Operations at USDA-Farm Production and Conservation Business Center.

  • Enabling business through cybersecurity

    On this episode of CyberChat, host Sean Kelley, former EPA CISO and former VA deputy CIO, discussed the enabling of the mission through cybersecurity.

  • Interagency group soliciting feedback on new cloud buying guides

    The Cloud Center of Excellence has four working documents designed to help agencies tackle funding challenges and acquire and secure cloud solutions with more confidence.

  • USDA’s Chad Sheridan: Interagency cooperation can yield better cloud application security

    Getting to full benefit of cloud deployments means substantial reengineering of applications, as opposed to simply the lift-and-shift approach. But Chad Sheridan, the chief information officer of the Agriculture Department’s Risk Management Agency, says federal agencies aren’t quite there yet.

  • Advanced Cyber Monitoring

    Near-weekly, worldwide cybersecurity threats underscore the importance of network, end-point, and application monitoring. Federal agencies have worked under a policy of continuous monitoring/continuous diagnostics and mitigation for a decade. But given the seemingly unending growth in attack vectors, the spread of internal infrastructure to commercial cloud providers, and the rise of insider threats – they’ve got to up the game into what might be called advanced cyber monitoring.

  • Driving IT modernization in government

    The House recently passed the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act. The Senate is now considering it and Congressman Will Hurd, the author of the bill, said recently he’s confident the upper chamber will move on the bill.

  • Chad Sheridan: Making the switch to more agile

    Chad Sheridan, chief information officer at the Agriculture Department’s Risk Management Agency, talks to Federal Drive with Tom Temin about how his agency made the switch to more agile software.

  • New IT helps USDA’s Risk Management Agency survive data deluge

    A record year for insurance crop claims pushes RMA’s systems to the brink. Chad Sheridan, RMA’s CIO, said recent modernization efforts kept the agency’s systems processing and paying claims. October 6,2011