Chip Fulghum

  • Chip Fulghum, Chief Financial Officer, DHS

    The Homeland Security Department would furlough 30,000 employees if the agency shuts down at the end of the month. Secretary Jeh Johnson says even if Congress passes a continuing resolution, he still might have to furlough employees. Chip Fulghum is the chief financial officer of the Homeland Security Department. On In Depth with Francis Rose, he explained what how a CR affects his agency’s operation.

  • Chip Fulghum: Teamwork key to DHS success

    The Department of Homeland Security is on a roll. The GAO calls their priority goal on data work “outstanding,” the Association of Government Accountants gave the agency two awards for excellence in accountability reporting, and the second audit opinion in a row has come back clean. Chip Fulghum is the Chief Financial Officer at DHS. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose when it comes to success, it’s a team effort.

  • Agency CIOs revolt against arduous budget process

    The CIO Council is trying to bring the capital planning and investment control (CPIC) process in line with the desire by agencies to use agile development for IT programs.

  • Called inept, neglected, DHS vows to turn struggling HR IT program around

    House lawmakers criticized the Homeland Security Department’s mismanagement over the last 12 years of its initiative to modernize and consolidate its HR systems, saying the agency spent $180 million over the last 12 years and received few benefits.

  • DHS wants to lead the way on civil service reform

    A congressional authority to hire 1,000 new cybersecurity professionals is prompting the Homeland Security Department, along with the Defense Department and Office of Personnel Management, to develop non-traditional ways to recruit and retain new talent.

  • Why risk is becoming a key conversation in the C-suite

    The Office of Management and Budget is close to finalizing Circular A-123, which will require an enterprise approach to risk management.

  • Progress and Opportunities in Federal Shared Services

    Federal shared IT and other services make all the sense in the world. So why aren’t more agencies doing it? And what will it take to expand use of shared services?

  • DHS: Collaboration with industry ‘will make us stronger’

    Leaders at the Homeland Security Department say they need industry’s help to meet agency mission, and modernize the department’s acquisition and cybersecurity efforts.

  • Cyber pros score on-the-spot job offers during first-ever DHS career fair

    The Homeland Security Department drew large crowds to its first-ever tech and cybersecurity job fair in Washington this week. The department interviewed applicants, made tentative offers and started the security clearance review process on the spot for about 150 talented candidates.

  • How DHS’ acquisition oversight strategy is picking up steam

    Homeland Security Department management said they’re now requiring documentation and life cycle cost estimations for all major acquisition programs. It’s a big step for DHS. But while the Government Accountability Office says DHS has improved, it needs to focus on the details.