Chris Murphy

  • Senator asks intelligence community to look into Jeff Bezos phone hacking

    In today’s Federal Newscast, after one of the world’s wealthiest individuals had his phone hacked, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) wants intelligence agencies to begin an investigation.

  • GAO wants to build capacity to focus on science and technology, cybersecurity

    The Government Accountability Office achieved its optimal workforce capacity this year, but it’s still having trouble keeping up with lawmaker requests around new technologies and cybersecurity.

  • Trump administration puts (buy) America first

    President Trump issued an executive order for federal agencies to review their policies and procedures for buying American. He suspect loopholes in buy-American laws are too often used when the government buys. Agencies are to forward their legal and procedural reviews to Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross, who will in turn deliver a draft set of recommendations by the end of the year.

  • Generals warn about cuts to State Dept. budget; senator pushes to double it

    The nation’s number-two military officer added himself to the list of Defense officials who’ve expressed unease about taking funds away from the State Department as one way to pay for a $54 billion plus-up in military spending.

  • WWE’s McMahon still standing after positive confirmation hearing for SBA role

    Linda McMahon, President Donald Trump’s pick for Small Business Administration leader, received bipartisan support during her confirmation hearing. McMahon promised to be an advocate for small businesses struggling to work with government agencies.

  • Army: 73 soldiers may have been improperly sent home with TBI, PTSD

    The Army is reexamining the cases of at least 73 soldiers who it kicked out under other-than-honorable circumstances between 2009 and 2015 because it may have run afoul of a federal law intended to help ensure troops aren’t punished for mental health issues.