Columbia University

  • NDAA would create National Cyber Director position in White House

    The bipartisan House provision, advocated by Rep. Jim Langevin, would also work with federal departments to develop a U.S. national cyber strategy.

  • Jason Healy: What harm cyber disclosure loopholes can cause

    Federal agencies work under a policy requiring them to disclose cyber flaws to vendors. Except sometimes they don’t. Jason Healy, senior research scholar and cyber conflict expert at Columbia University, talks to Federal Drive with Tom Temin about the disclosure loopholes and the harm they can cause.

  • Jay Healey: A peek inside DHS’ cyber portfolio

    The Department of Homeland Security will reorganize the National Protection and Programs Directorate, but the agency has a long list of cyber responsibilities and goals. Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas talked about the agency’s cyber portfolio at Columbia University in New York. Jay Healey, senior research scholar at Columbia University‚Äôs School of International and Public Affairs, hosted the discussion. He’s also editor of the book “A Fierce Domain: Cyber Conflict, 1986 to 2012” and co-author of the “Cyber Security Policy Guidebook”. He joined In Depth with Francis Rose to share what he heard at the discussion.

  • Avoid rebuilding the data protection wheel

    The Library of Congress and Columbia University are creating a web-based clearinghouse of information about best practices for preserving significant geospatial data. Project manager William LeFurgy gives us a peek.

  • Census Bureau: From Commerce to independence?

    Previewing a bill that could change the future of the U.S. Census Bureau. (part 1 of 2)