continuous monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring for security clearances gaining momentum

    The background checking process for security clearance is becoming a continuous thing, with ongoing monitoring of databases for clues to changes in cleared peoples’ situations.

  • IT security & the cloud

    Telos Corporation CEO John Wood joins host John Gilroy on this week’s Federal Tech Talk to discuss IT security and how his company can help federal agencies make a secure transition to the cloud. June 12, 2018

  • Optiv’s Schawacker says automation must be future of continuous monitoring

    When it comes to continuous monitoring for cybersecurity – and its companion strategy of continuous diagnostics and mitigation – federal agency practitioners need to be realistic about how they apply the words “monitoring” and “continuous.”

  • Intelligence leaders impatient for insider threat social media guidance

    Current and former intelligence community officials say they’re not getting the buy-in they need from their top leadership — or the guidance they need to use begin using social media — in their insider threat and security clearance programs.

  • OMB initiates cyber marathon with long-awaited policy update

    The White House issued the draft version of Circular A-130 updating the 15-year-old policy, specifically with a host of new definitions and requirements for protecting networks and systems.

  • Continuous monitoring and Enterprise Resource Planning

    Brian Marvin, vice president Sales, Public Sector, BMC, joins host John Gilroy to discuss how his company can help agencies achieve their IT goals. July 21, 2015

  • DISA takes cyber temperature of computer networks with CMRS

    Dave Bennett, DISA’s chief information officer, said the agency is beginning to implement a new approach to cybersecurity. He said the continuous monitoring risk scoring system (CMRS) looks at a variety of factors to give the agency a score based on a set of predetermined analytics.

  • Commerce takes bigger oversight role in its bureaus’ cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity within the Commerce Department has traditionally been overseen and managed by its 14 individual bureaus. Those agencies will still operate their own IT systems, but a new Commercewide oversight center will aggregate all information about the department’s vulnerabilities into a single dashboard to be used by senior management.

  • Leap Ahead program keeps DHS cyber offerings on cutting edge

    The Homeland Security Department has reviewed about 18 new or improved cybersecurity tools or technologies that may be added to the continuous diagnostics and mitigation program (CDM). John Streufert, the director of Federal Network Resilience at National Protection and Programs Directorate in DHS, said CDM is not delayed and on track to deliver results.

  • Agencies reset after missing the mark on cybersecurity goals

    Despite steps forward, agencies fell short of their 2014 targets for cybersecurity. The Obama administration is pushing chief information officers to focus on priorities of continuous monitoring, phishing and malware, and authorization processes for 2015, according to the newly released cross-agency priority goals on