Continuous monitoring and Enterprise Resource Planning

Brian Marvin, vice president Sales, Public Sector, BMC, joins host John Gilroy to discuss how his company can help agencies achieve their IT goals. July 21, 20...

Brian Marvin, vice  president Sales, Public Sector, for BMC is our guest today.  Some brands are easy to understand – Apple, Microsoft, even Salesforce.  Brands like BMC are very difficult to make sweeping statements about. Their Wikipedia page lists forty-two products, and indicates that this is just a partial list.

If you wanted to paint BMC with a broad brush, you can say they are best known for their help desk offering as well as their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offerings.   However, they have a wide range of products that help enterprise-level software systems improve the way the work.

headshot of Brian Marvin and company logo
Brian Marvin, vice president Sales, Public Sector, BMC

During the interview,  Marvin outlines how BMC can assist federal information technology professionals achieve agency goals.  For example, if you are a typical agency with several kinds of systems – Oracle, IBM, and perhaps cloud offerings like Salesforce, you may want to get a handle on continuous monitoring with products from BMC.   Marvin brings his experience both federal and commercial, both in the United States and in Europe to the discussion.

If you are intrigued by the interview, you may want to take advantage of BMC’s conferences.  The main conference is called “Engage” and has a free federal conference in Washington, D.C. every year.

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