Cornerstone OnDemand

  • After sequestration cuts, NWS rebounded with an entrepreneurial training model

    John Ogren, the chief learning officer at the National Weather Service, which is a part of NOAA in the Commerce Department, said the agency uses YouTube videos, memory-jogger training and other approaches to ensure employees are ready for the coming weather season.

  • Lessons from DAU’s modernization journey

    The Defense Acquisition University showed how it could modernize a decade-old, on-premise customized system into one that is more secure and easier to use for its students.

  • Expert Edition: Courageous HR

    In this Expert Edition: Courageous HR, you’ll learn from those at the peak of their performance, how they achieved victory in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and landed at the top of the Partnership for Public Service’s Best Places to Work list.

  • Enhancing Employee Engagement: Best Practices for Government

    Federal employee engagement is almost like the weather. Everyone studies it, tries to predict it, frets about it. And why not? The higher a group’s engagement levels, the more efficiently and effectively it carries out the agency’s mission, with lower rates of attrition, absenteeism and general listlessness.

  • Survey reveals gaps in agency planning for next-generation workforce

    Agencies are struggling to fill gaps in their succession-planning efforts, according to a new survey. Many of the HR professionals surveyed said their agencies aren’t planning to invest in key succession-planning initiatives. And even where they are taking action, too many agency managers are taking a piecemeal, “siloed” approach, according to experts.