Corporation for National and Community Service

  • Agencies look to bring partners into federal data strategy ‘conversation’

    With the Office of Management and Budget soon to release the draft version of its federal data strategy, forward-thinking agency program offices see opportunities to leverage their data to get a better sense of how much performance they get out of each dollar in their budgets.

  • 19 agencies on the president’s chopping block: How much would they save?

    President Donald Trump wants to eliminate funding for 19 small, independent federal agencies, according to his fiscal 2018 budget blueprint. In total, these agencies would make a relatively small dent in the overall $1.1 trillion budget and would likely eliminate salaries for about 1,620 federal employees, a rough estimate due to the availability of data. Here’s a breakdown of what each of the 19 agencies do, how much they funding they received from Congress in fiscal 2016 and now under the current continuing resolution and how many full time people they employ. The numbers below show the most recently available data, in most cases from 2016 or 2015.

  • Small agencies’ sequestration plans build from budget frustrations

    The congressional ritual of punting budget work into the next fiscal year has helped agencies prepare their workforces for sequestration. Managers have learned much over the past few years about preparing contingency plans.

  • Americorps team organized 60K volunteers in Joplin aftermath

    A team from the Corporation for National and Community Service is being hailed as heroes for coordinating 60,000 volunteers after the twister. Kelly Menzie- DeGraff led the effort under AmeriCorps.

  • No money? Give time

    Despite the troubled economy more of you are taking time to volunteer. You put in 8.1 Billion hours last year. That number comes from the government-run Corporation for National and Community Service. Dr. Bob Grimm…