Council on Environmental Quality

  • EO preserves energy efficiency goals for agencies but lacks deadlines

    A new executive order echoes the Obama-era GreenGov initiative to make the federal government a leader in environmental sustainability uses less strict metrics for measuring those goals.

  • White House environmental policy adviser Sutley to resign

    After five years as chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), Nancy Sutley will leave her position in February 2014. During Sutley’s tenure, the Obama administration created the National Ocean Policy and Climate Action Plan.

  • Pilot projects could increase agency energy efficiency

    Gary Guzy, the Council’s Deputy Director, describes how these projects can make your agency more energy efficient.

  • White House hands out awards for green efforts

    Subhead: Administration honors sustainability efforts by seven agencies with the 2010 GreenGov Presidential awards.

  • White House’s Sutley sees new greener mindset

    Council on Environmental Quality issues new guidance giving agencies instructions to measure greenhouse gas emissions. Council chair Nancy Sutley said the directive includes approaches used inside and out of government. Agencies have until January 2011 to complete an initial baseline inventory.

  • GSA, Energy going alternative to run its buildings

    DoE wants to make all of its roofs white or light color to help reduce the amount of heat buildings absorb. GSA is testing solar panels, geo-thermal and solar chimneys in different buildings around the country. The goal is to help reduce the government’s $25 billion annual energy bill.

  • Agencies have plans, now will go green

    The White House releases 56 agency sustainability plans showing how the government will meet an assortment of energy efficiency goals. Federal Environmental Executive Michelle Moore said ideas run the gamut from recycling to computer power management. The administration is hosting the GreenGov Symposium in October to help educate and promote agency goals.

  • Kundra says reducing data centers takes a village

    Agency strategies to consolidate data centers are due to OMB by Aug. 30. Kundra says his office will approve them by Dec. 31. He advises agencies that this is more than a technology initiative.