Dave McClure

  • The government’s newest social experiment

    Some lucky Feds and contractors get to take the government’s official social network out for spin.

  • GSA’s move to the cloud to be closely watched

    The agency will implement e-mail in the cloud using Google Apps for Government under an almost $7 million deal with Unisys. Many agencies are paying attention to how GSA implements this technology. GSA’s CIO or Unisys could not confirm whether the datacenter is located in the U.S.

  • GSA’s move to the cloud: no turning back

    The effort to understand cloud computing doesn’t stop at the IT shop in your agency. Managers all over the government are getting “cloud savvy” so they know what they need to know to acquire solutions…

  • GSA offers advice for cloud vendors

    The General Services Administration offered advice to vendors trying to sell cloud services to the government. Dave McClure, GSA’s Associate Administrator in the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, told Federal News Radio vendors are definitely the innovators in the cloud space. But, he warns, vendors need to do more than repackage “their old […]

  • This week in cloud computing

    Kundra: Agencies on path for transition to cloud Agencies are on track with their cloud computing strategies. Federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra told those in attendance at the NIST Cloud Computing Forum and Workshop that all agencies have identified the three systems they will move to the cloud as part of the administration’s cloud-first […]

  • GSA hires Jefferson Consulting’s Conrad

    The General Services Administration has hired Kathy Conrad to be its new principal deputy associate administrator in the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies.

  • GSA revisits improvements to USA.gov search

    This is the fourth time GSA has done a major revamping of the capabilities of the government’s portal. The agency views the changes to USA.gov as part of how innovations are changing government to solve challenges. Dave McClure proposes new website to bring together all the innovation efforts across government and share best practices.

  • GSA: Open data is access and accessibility

    In open government, dumping information on a website is useless if the users cannot quickly understand what the information means for them.

  • NIST, GSA setting up cloud validation process

    The goal is for independent third party companies to affirm commercial cloud providers meet the FedRAMP cybersecurity requirements. The agencies will model its approach after the one used to accredit vendors to provide products and services under HSPD-12. FedRAMP will not be ready until the fall.

  • Senate leaders to attempt a compromise as shutdown looms

    Time for lawmakers to pass a continuing resolution is running short as the fiscal year ends Friday. The Senate rejected the House version of CR Friday, and will take up debate on its version Monday afternoon. In the meantime, cuts to GAO and the E-Government Fund are drawing ire from supporters.