Donald Trump

  • GSA, Trump release plans for Old Post Office Building

    After more than a year of negotiations, the General Services Administration and business magnate Donald Trump’s organization have inked a deal to redevelop Washington, D.C.’s historic Old Post Office Building into a luxury hotel. Now it’s up to Congress, which has 30 days to review the agreement, to finalize the deal.

  • Feds & the 2016 presidential race

    What do federal employees think about the two leading candidates for President? Find out on this week’s Fed Access when Government Executive Staff Writer Eric Katz joins host Derrick Dortch. April 22, 2016

  • Final two horses head for the starting gate

    Hillary or Donald, my impression is that the real person in both cases lies hidden deep in a “heavily forested interior.”

  • DoD asks business board to ponder presidential transition

    Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work tasked the Defense Business Board to help its senior executives move DoD to the next administration.

  • Will you need a morning-after-the-election pill?

    Are federal workers going to need a morning after pill after the first Tuesday in November? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey found a long-time fed who says brace for the worst.

  • After the All Star game, all hell breaks loose

    Cleveland and then Philadelphia are about to happen. One thing for sure, the rhetoric coming out of either city won’t be pretty.

  • David Hawkings: What Mike Pence’s nomination means for US

    Donald Trump may have no legislative record, but his running mate does. Former congressman and Gov. Mike Pence (R-Md.) finds himself under the microscope in Cleveland this week, during the Republican National Convention. Roll Call’s Senior Editor David Hawkings has written extensively about Pense and his earlier actions. He joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to explain what this could mean.

  • Congress presses agencies on ‘burrowing in,’ as Trump suggests he has solution

    House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) sent letters to 23 agencies asking for details about the number of political appointees they’ve converted to career federal employees. Meanwhile, the topic of “burrowing in” is gaining special attention from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

  • Trump vows to ‘make VA great again’ amid government reforms

    Donald Trump concluded the third and final night of the Republican National Convention Thursday with a speech that unpacked several of the presidential candidate’s views on how federal executives and the Department of Veterans Affairs should be managed.

  • Better DoD, VA collaboration at center of Clinton’s veterans policy

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is pushing for better integration and communication between the VA and Defense Department in her veterans policy plan. She proposes restructuring the Veterans Health Administration but specifically opposes efforts to privatize VA health care.