Duncan Hunter

  • Palantir to sue Army over intelligence-gathering IT contract

    Silicon Valley technology company Palantir plans to sue the Army, claiming that the military service has shown bias against off-the-shelf products in its solicitation for a $206 million intelligence IT contract.

  • Budget decisions still not the Coast Guard’s strong suit, GAO says

    The Coast Guard still has some trouble with major budgetary decisions, namely ones that determine whether the service has the right resources to meet the right mission at the right time, the Government Accountability Office said. And its plan to update and rebuild its aging fleet is also out of date.

  • HASC puts women a step closer to being drafted

    The 2017 defense authorization bill now has a provision requiring women to sign up for selective service.

  • Coast Guard further streamlines maritime domain awareness data

    The Coast Guard decided to implement Ozone Widget Framework architecture into its existing WatchKeeper systems to improve communication and data transfer between the Coast Guard and its partners.

  • In fight over intelligence IT system, Army prioritizes access to data

    The Army says hard-won lessons on the battlefield have taught it that stovepiped IT systems have no place in the business of intelligence collection and sharing. It also acknowledges that enforcing a single set of common standards comes with some tradeoffs.

  • By the numbers: Medal of Honor comes up short

    There are some rather staggering numbers coming out of the war in Iraq. Four thousand soldiers killed in action, more than 34,000 wounded – and only six considered worthy of the nation’s highest military award,…