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  • Like lighthouses, government silos prove durable

    Better government service is an always-moving target.

  • GSA awards new contract to help federal awards process run smoother

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the General Services Administration is changing how it verifies that companies are eligible to do business with or receive assistance from the government.

  • President Trump wants at least some barriers at southern border before ending shutdown

    In today’s Federal Newscasts, the President lays out his latest set of demands from Democrats to end the partial government shutdown.

  • What will make category management trickle down?

    A new Office of Federal Procurement Policy memo and proposed rule by the FAR Council are part of the administration’s ongoing efforts to change the way agencies buy products and services.

  • Can being on the “Outside Looking In” actually be the best vantage point?

    Along with several esteemed law enforcement colleagues, EY is helping agencies develop efficient and proactive capabilities in the areas of cybersecurity, data analytics, money laundering and financial crimes. EY knows that by asking better questions, they are able to help federal clients formulate better answers.

  • Linda Springer, Government and Public Sector Director, Ernst & Young

    A list of agencies at high risk of waste, fraud and abuse is due from the Government Accountability Office this year. Linda Springer is the executive director of the government and public sector practice for Ernst and Young. In her Top 3 for 2015, she tells In Depth with Francis Rose why she’s curious about the GAO High Risk List and how Congress will react to the report.

  • Linda Springer, Ernst and Young, and Dan Blair, NAPA

    The White House will release details of the President’s Management Agenda any day now, and observers expect embracing risk may be an aspect of that strategy. A risk- averse federal government may find that strategy hard to implement. Linda Springer is Executive Director of the Government and Public Sector at Ernst and Young and former Comptroller at the Office of Management and Budget. Dan Blair is President and CEO of the National Academy of Public Administration and former acting OPM Director. Linda explained the concept behind enterprise risk management on In Depth with Francis Rose.

  • Paul Lawrence, principal, Ernst & Young LLP

    Every career federal employee has wondered how the political appointees manage to manage.

  • Why collaboration with your agency’s CFO is a smart decision

    Linda Springer, former controller at the Office of Management and Budget, tells In Depth’s Francis Rose why it’s important for members across the C-Suite to work together.

  • Federal Drive Interviews — Jan. 21, 2013

    Prof. Martha Joynt Kuman compares today’s ceremony with previous inaugurations. Paul Lawrence of Ernst and Young discusses how the president’s cabinet may change in Obama’s second term. Staff writer Kevin Baron of Foreign Policy Magazine discusses the limitations of the inspector general. Senior Airman Daniel Burkhardt talks about an app he helped to develop to help people navigate today’s inauguration. Col. Gina Humble talks about the role the military will play in today’s ceremonies.