• Court rejects petition for cable companies to sell private data

    A Federal appeals court says the privacy rights of cable TV customers trumps the needs of providers to sell subscribers personal information.

  • Going Digital

    What to do if your favorite television station goes digital ahead of schedule

  • Ask the CIO preview

    The Federal Communications Commission has two major transformational efforts underway. The first one will change how it manages technology policy. And the second one will reduce the pain of keeping desktop PCs current. Tomorrow morning…

  • Broadband plan has a spectrum of options

    Congress has asked the FCC to lay out a national broadband plan by February. What will it look like and what will the government’s role be in the process? Dr. Larry Darby, with the American…

  • Science and National Security: Securing the cloud

    We’re starting a new weekly segment today called Science and National Security. Each week, Institute for Homeland Security Director Randy Larsen will bring us an interview with someone in the national security arena. In today’s edition, he speaks with Dr. Michael Nelson, a visiting professor at Georgetown and former director of technology for the Federal Communications Commission, on the future and security of cloud computing.

  • McAfee antivirus program goes berserk, freezes PCs

    OMB shifts to real time cybersecurity monitoring, cyberdefenses put to the test during annual NSA exercise, FCC considers testing cybersecurity compliancy

  • FCC to establish cyber certification program

    Commission seeks comments from industry on how the program should work. FCC wants it to be a voluntary program based on market incentives.

  • FCC plans to spread broadband broader

    The Federal Communications Commission wants to find out whether broadband providers are delivering Internet connections that are as fast as advertised. John Horrigan, consumer research director at the FCC, explains.

  • FCC: Take proactive steps to protect yourself online

    Learn more in today’s cybersecurity update.

  • Feds lead Smart Grid development effort

    The Senate is now considering a bill, approved last week by the House, designed to help the nation’s electrical grid evolve into an enhanced Smart Grid which would help protect itself from cyber-attacks. In addition, however, the Smart Grid is also expected to help the nation do a better job of managing our electrical resources. A group of federal employees recently talked about their role in developing the Smart Grid.