• Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

    Glen Bjorklund Deputy Director for Administration Sept. 11th, 2008

  • Kashkari details progress under TARP

    The Treasury Department has committed $125 billion so far to the Capital Purchase Program part of the financial rescue plan. Neel Kashkari, the Treasury’s interim assistant secretary for financial stability, today said the department submitted…

  • Proposal to allow the FDIC access to taxpayer money

    Under proposed legislation the FDIC may be granted the ability to dip into taxpayers funds.

  • Agencies struggle to make data transparent

    The Office of Management and Budget wants to expand the use of Extensible Business Reporting Language to expand access to structured data. However, the technology to ensure widespread adoption still has a way to go. But two pilots with industry shows it can be done.

  • FDIC warns about ‘Patriot Act’ phishing

    The FDIC is warning banks about phishing emails being sent out informing recipients that the FDIC’s deposit insurance for their accounts had been suspended because of Patriot Act violations.

  • Telework is about to change your agency

    The recent passage of the Telework Enhancement Act substantially changes the status of telework throughout government. But how? We get details from Dr. Scott Overmyer, author of a new study.

  • Debt elimination scams cause big problems

    Debt got you down? Well, one Internet site promotes a document that you can use to ”legally” eliminate an outstanding credit card balance or other debts.

  • Which feds make the most money?

    Feds who make more than $180,000 a year make up less than one percent of the federal workforce. Leading that pack are doctors, lawyers and dentists. Doctors held roughly eight out of 10 of the top-salaried jobs.

  • FDIC, Surface Board rely on communication to take top spots on ‘Best Places to Work’ list

    Top ranked agencies say constant contact with employees is key to success. FDIC moved from the bottom in 2005 to the top this year. Surface Transportation Board takes top spot among small agencies for second year in a row.

  • Feds rank leadership low in annual survey

    The Partnership for Public Service took a closer look at the data from the 2011 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and discovered that feds aren’t too happy with their leaders. Senior leaders especially received low rankings from federal employees.