federal employees

  • The bumpy road to a million-dollar TSP account

    There are three ways federal investors can join the million-dollar Thrift Savings Plan club. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says investing steadily produces the most millionaires.

  • Diet/no-cal COLAs would slam past, present & future feds

    One of the best things about retiring from the government is that pensions are inflation-protected for life, but the Trump administration wants to eliminate cost-of-living adjustments for one group of retirees and trim future inflation catch-ups for others.

  • Buyout bait: Would you bite?

    If you pick 100 people at random from your federal agency, odds are 34 of them could retire today, or six months ago. But they haven’t. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains why.

  • 12 key takeaways from the 2018 budget that could affect you

    Have you read so much about the proposed 2018 budget that you feel like your head will explode? Do you just want to know which provisions would affect you, but are having trouble separating it from all the rest? Federal News Radio has boiled it all down to some key takeaways all federal employees need to know. If you read nothing else about the budget, read this.

  • Attention! Ethics office has new ‘free attendance’ guidelines

    OGE has a longstanding policy about the “gift” of free attendance, which often comes with a nice breakfast or lunch and tchotchkes off vendor tables.

  • Life after Trump: Is there any?

    We hear that the hiring freeze has slowed things down and that workers are terrified for their jobs, but Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wonders if we’re talking to the wrong people.

  • How the Trump administration can improve its relationship with federal employees

    Despite the Trump administration’s rocky relationship with the federal workforce, former Deputy Labor Secretary Chris Lu says listening to the career civil service can ensure campaign promises translate well into actionable policy.

  • Do you really ‘own’ your TSP account?

    Randy Silvey, president of Silverlight Financial, argues that federal employees are at a disadvantage compared to non-federal employees when it comes to having full control over their retirement money.

  • OMB and OPM Jan. 31 hiring freeze guidance answers many questions

    New hiring freeze guidance from OMB and OPM answers many of the questions agencies and employees have about the freeze, says former DHS chief human capital officer Jeff Neal.

  • Federal employees predict upheaval in Trump’s first 100 days (and beyond)

    A clear majority of federal employees who responded to a Federal News Radio poll said they expect President Donald Trump’s administration to negatively impact their agencies’ mission or programs.