Federal employees predict upheaval in Trump’s first 100 days (and beyond)

A clear majority of federal employees who responded to a Federal News Radio poll said they expect President Donald Trump's administration to negatively impact t...

A clear majority of federal employees who responded to a Federal News Radio poll said they expect President Donald Trump’s administration to negatively impact their agencies’ mission or programs.

Federal News Radio conducted the survey after Trump, in his first week as president, signed a memo calling for a 90-day hiring freeze for the civilian federal workforce.

Several departments and agencies — including Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of Agriculture, Interior and Health and Human Services — have also been given new orders by the White House limiting their public communications.

Of the 353 federal workers who filled out the survey, 68 percent of respondents said they expect to see changes at their workplace under the Trump administration. More than 69 percent of those surveyed expect those changes to be at least significant or moderate.

Respondents who said the administration will have a significant or moderate impact on their agencies predict they’ll receive fewer resources to do their jobs: 65 percent of feds believe they’ll hire fewer new employees under a Trump presidency, and 59 percent said they’ll have fewer financial resources.

By comparison, 16 percent said they expect more funding for their agencies, and 11 percent said they expect an increase in staffing.

Less than 10 percent wrote in their own predictions for the Trump administration. Some of those responses cited negative changes to the federal bureaucracy:

“Significant weakening or repeal of the environmental protection statute that my agency implements.”

“Regulations and protections will be cut. Policies will benefit corporations, not the public.”

“Pressure to reduce regulations or agency positions.”

“Less open government initiative.”

“A shift to privatization.”

Still others signaled that President Trump would streamline the federal government and make it work more effectively:

“Shorter product timeframes, increased objectives, increased demand on streamlining processes.”

“More accountability and measures of effectiveness.”

“Hopefully reduce bureaucracy.”

“Less bureaucratic nonsense.”

The majority of respondents also said they expect those changes to take effect within the first year of Trump’s presidency; 47 percent believe they’ll see an impact within the first 100 days of the administration.

Nearly a quarter of respondents said Trump transition officials have been in touch with their agency workplaces. The remaining 75 percent said “no,” or that they were not aware.








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