Hiring freeze

  • How will a lame duck Congress affect feds?

    From pay freeze proposals to furloughs, there are a lot of issues before Congress that could affect feds. This week on Your Turn, Mike interviews Charity Wilson from the American Federation of Government Employees and Jessica Klement from the Federal Managers Association, about what a lame duck Congress can do to federal workers and retirees. September 22, 2010

  • Does the GOP ‘Pledge to America’ have a shot?

    Some of the items listed in the House Republicans’ Pledge to America directly affect federal employees. Politico’s Jonathan Allen rates the odds of success for some of the pledge’s items.

  • Federal workers becoming a flash point in midterm elections

    Last week Republicans proposed a hiring freezeof non-security federal workers. That’s just the latest GOP effort to target federal workers’ pay and hiring. So far these efforts haven’t gone far, but that could change with a GOP takeover of Congress after the mid-term elections, The Washington Post reports.

  • Should there be a hiring freeze at your agency?

    Tim McManus, vice president for education outreach at PPS, joined DorobekINSIDER to discuss what a freeze would mean for your agency.

  • Management tips if the furloughs hit the fan

    How federal managers can prepare for furloughs, layoffs and hiring freezes from the Partnership for Public Service’s John Palguta.

  • Elections 2010: Focus on federal workers

    A partial shift in power on the Hill means committee chairmanships will change in the House but not in the Senate. A variety of issues from the federal budget to telework, and federal pay and regulatory policies will be re-examined.

  • Analysis: How the new political alignment will impact feds

    Will the big changes in Congress mean big changes for federal employees? Bill Bransford, general counsel for the Senior Executives Association, joins Mike Causey for this week’s Your Turn. November 3, 2010

  • Hopes for an omnibus dim after elections

    Democratic insiders question if anything more than a stopgap spending measure and temporary extension of Bush-era tax cuts can pass. The Hill’s Molly Hooper brings us the latest.

  • Pay, Pensions, Premiums Under the Knife

    Friday is supposed to be a slow news day so we’ll limit it to this: a 3 year pay freeze, 10 percent job cut, higher FEHBP premiums for retirees, lower benefits for future retirees and some other stuff. Interested? Check out Senior Correspondent Mike Causey’s federal report.

  • Managing the FBI finances during hiring freeze

    By Olivia Branco Federal News Radio The FBI’s budget has been growing fast ever since 9/11. It went from a two billion dollar law enforcement agency to a five billion dollar international terror-fighting operation. Now…