Federal Labor Management Relations

  • Cyber spoofing attack hits Labor, Transportation Departments

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the cybersecurity firm Anomali Labs says it’s found a malicious server hosting two separate phishing campaigns targeting government contractors looking to do business with the Labor and Transportation departments.

  • Judge rules all-male military draft is unconstitutional

    In today’s Federal Newscast, after the National Coalition for Men sued, a federal district judge ruled in its favor, saying forcing only men to register for the Selective Service is unfair.

  • Judge hears oral arguments in unions’ legal challenge of Trump’s executive orders

    A coalition of federal unions has sued the Trump administration over the president’s recent executive orders, but attorneys representing the government say the unions’ challenges fall outside of the D.C. district court’s jurisdiction.

  • Even in a Trump admin, AFGE believes feds will get a higher pay raise for 2018

    For J. David Cox, national president for the American Federation of Government Employees, the outcome of the 2016 presidential election came down to “bread and butter issues.” And those are challenges that his union, which represents more than 309,000 federal employees, will rally for with the start of the new administration as well.

  • OPM working ‘around the clock’ to fix USAJobs.gov

    The Office of Personnel Management is scrambling to buy more server capacity after record traffic overwhelmed the new version of the USAJobs.gov website. OPM Director John Berry said the site now is serving 94 percent of users. But he acknowledged that’s ”cold comfort for those whose applications aren’t getting through.” Agency IT staff is working around the clock to fix the problem, he added.