federal workforce

  • Federal gov’t still recruiting in aftermath of longest shutdown in history

    Who would apply for a job at a place where you might be forced to work without pay for a month, or that is threatened with bankruptcy every year? American University’s Bob Tobias says that is how the federal government looks right now.

  • Shutdown spotlight on ‘fat-cat’ feds

    Imagine asking for a $100 grant or gift from a charity because you desperately need it to fill the tank with gas so you could get to a job where you were not getting paid?

  • Presidents and the federal workforce

    The recent passing of former President George H.W. Bush prompted a lot of discussion about Bush and his experience in government before his presidency. “41,” as he came to be known, came from a background in the executive branch.

  • The curse of the OPM director

    Whomever is correct, all sides seem to agree Office of Personnel Management Director Jeff Pon’s departure and replacement with Margaret Weichert was abrupt.

  • Are today’s college students prepared to fill the federal talent pipeline?

    The Volcker Alliance is leading a series of discussions with colleges and universities across the country to develop best practices for preparing and recruiting the next generation of talent to government.

  • It’s OK to take the long way

    On this episode of Women of Washington, Gigi Schumm welcomed Vicky Niblett, deputy assistant commissioner within the General Services Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service. In this role, she provides management and oversight of the Integrated Award Environment (IAE).

  • How federal contractors can get the most during budget certainty

    How can contractors get the most out of a period of budget certainty? Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal Business Partners, joined Eric White on Federal Drive with Tom Temin with to provide some tips.

  • Ready for some more reforms?

    Forty years after the civil service was officially “reformed” by the Carter administration, a new team with very different ideas about the role of government and regulations is looking to do some reforming of its own.

  • Civil service reform: Round up the usual suspects

    Nearly four decades and seven presidents since one of Jimmy Carter’s proudest accomplishments — the Civil Service Reform Act, the team of President Donald Trump is set to take a crack at overhauling the government bureaucracy.

  • VIDEO: Fed unions protest on day of federal court challenge to executive orders

    Ahead of oral arguments in federal district court on Wednesday, federal employee unions showed their disapproval of three recent executive orders from President Donald Trump.