Frank Reeder

  • Federal News Countdown for April 9nd

    My guest panel includes veteran OMB official Frank Reeder & former USPS CIO Bob Otto

  • Kinds of cyber pros needed at your agency

    Your agency is hiring people to lock down its networks, but finding qualified professionals is getting harder.

  • Federal News Countdown: minorities, women in IT; DoD turns to cyber

    SANS Institute’s Alan Paller and The Reeder Group’s Frank Reeder counts down the top federal stories of the week.

  • OMB alumni to suggest revisions to cyber section of A-130

    The group will create a white paper with recommendations this summer to modernize the 10-year-old policy. Among the areas they are looking at are continuous monitoring, cloud computing, shared services and the definition of a system. Updating A-130 will help agencies move from a ‘checklist’ mode to monitoring systems in real time for threats and vulnerabilities, said Frank Reeder, a former OMB official.

  • Federal News Countdown: CIOs’ budget woes and DoD’s cyber warnings

    Bob Otto, executive vice president of advisory services for Agilex, and Frank Reeder, the president of the Reeder Group, count down the top federal news story of the week.

  • Rewrite of cyber circular aims to ‘break some china’

    A group of experts released a white paper recommending changes to OMB Circular A-130. The suggestions center on continuous monitoring, the role of DHS in overseeing FISMA and the definitions of a major IT system and a national security system.

  • Cyber experts envision updates for OMB’s cyber rules

    A group of former federal cybersecurity experts and professionals have made recommendations for improving federal cybersecurity guidance, such as the Office of Management and Budget’s Circular A-130.

  • In Depth interviews – December 28

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  • Top 3 for 2013 – Frank Reeder on proliferation of drones

    Frank Reeder, principal at The Reeder Group and a former Office of Management and Budget official, says he thinks agencies are just now starting to think about the policy implications of more widespread use of unmanned aerial systems.

  • In Depth Show Blog – March 27

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