Top 3 for 2013 – Frank Reeder on proliferation of drones

Frank Reeder, principal, Reeder Group

wfedstaff |

Drone technology is getting cheaper and easier to use like other kinds of technology. But the potential proliferation of drones means a potential policy nightmare for agencies across government.

Frank Reeder, principal at The Reeder Group and a former Office of Management and Budget official, says he thinks agencies are just now starting to think about the policy implications of more widespread use of unmanned aerial systems.

Frank Reeder’s Top 3 for 2013
  1. Domestic use of drones and the growth of surveillance
  2. Censorship on the Internet – recent court case in which judge ordered a negative review on Yelp and Angie’s list to be censored has major implications for crowd-sourcing.
  3. Federal program curtailment and workforce reductions in the aftermath of the fiscal cliff


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