Federal News Countdown: 2014 budget, employee morale and cyber brain drain

Today’s guests on the Federal News Countdown:
Stan Soloway, president and CEO, Professional Services Council
– Frank Reeder, co-founder and director, Center for Internet Security

Stan Soloway’s stories
#3 Improving federal workers’ view of their leaders
From The Washington Post:

Federal employee attitudes toward their leaders are a major influence on job satisfaction and commitment, and have a significant impact on performance as well as the ability of agencies to fulfill their critical missions and to provide quality service to the American people.

#2 Report Warns of Potential Brain Drain in Federal Cyber Force
From Nextgov:

The vast majority of the federal cybersecurity workforce is older than 40, an issue that could eventually lead to a personnel shortage in the field, according to a new report.

#1 Obama budget raises federal worker pay and pension contributions
From The Washington Post:

President Obama issued a strong defense of federal employees in the budget he released Wednesday, along with something they have not seen lately – a pay raise. The 1 percent raise for 2014 isn’t much, but it’s better than the three-year freeze on their basic pay rates that continues through the end of the year. If the 1 percent hike is little standing alone, it is even less when coupled with another proposal to increase employee pension contributions with no increase in benefits.

Frank Reeder’s stories
#3Obama Budget Plan Would Hike Employee Contributions, Reduce Federal Worker Pension Payouts
From Huffington Post:

The budget plan released by President Barack Obama on Wednesday includes a renewed proposal to hike the pension contributions of government employees, angering federal worker groups who say they’re already being hit with furloughs and pay-rate freezes as Washington wrestles over spending.

#2 Lobbyists Fighting Spending Cuts Find Ally in Group That Often Backs Them
From The New York Times:

As one of the country’s largest and oldest conservative advocacy groups, the American Conservative Union has long fought to rein in federal spending and limit the size of government. But behind the scenes, the group has formed a partnership with business lobbyists to tame the activists who have pushed Republican leaders in Congress to adopt some of the most austere spending limits in decades

#1 DHS warns of spear-phishing campaign against energy companies
From Computer World:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has a warning for organizations that post a lot of business and personal information on public web pages and social media sites: Don’t do it.


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