Stan Soloway

  • DoD’s JEDI procurement remains ‘messy’ as the next battle rages

    Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, the new DoD Secretary and the president continue to weigh-in on the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure procurement raising questions about the future of the initiative.

  • Big picture impacts on the GovCon market

    Stan Soloway, president and CEO of Celero Strategies, joins host Mark Amtower on this week’s Amtower Off Center to discuss the market conditions impacting government contracting, and how to develop and agile mindset when working with your agency client.

  • 10 BILLION DOLLARS and other reasons why contractors feel so much angst around DoD’s JEDI program

    Federal contractors are deeply concerned about the Pentagon’s move to the cloud and Federal News Radio asked why.

  • The procurement environment in 2018

    Celero Strategies President and CEO Stan Soloway and Lohfeld Consulting CEO Bob Lohfeld join host Mark Amtower on this week’s Amtower Off Center to discuss a number of contracting issues, including the procurement climate under President Donald Trump. May 7, 2018

  • Little-noticed section of OMB’s reorg memo brings the real potential for change

    The Office of Management and Budget’s ambitious plan to reorganize and restructure the government is asking agencies to consider ideas such as shared services, insourcing and outsourcing and all-but-mandating the use of existing multiple-award contracts. These concepts have real potential to change and transform agencies and their mission areas.

  • Congressional budget battle brewing with Trump administration

    A fight over the congressional budget in 2018 is expected after President-elect Donald Trump takes office and enacts his campaign promises, says the former president of the Professional Services Council.

  • GWACs, IDIQs & category management

    Celero Strategies President and CEO Stan Soloway and Attain CTO Simon Szykman join host Mark Amtower to discuss the big issues facing the professional services contractor community. September 19, 2016

  • PSC hires David Berteau to be next CEO

    David Berteau, the assistant secretary of Defense for Logistics and Materiel Readiness, will join the industry association on March 28 as its next CEO, replacing Stan Soloway who left in the fall.

  • Stan Soloway: What’s next for DoD procurement?

    Like the line in the famous Joni Mitchell song, Stan Soloway, former Pentagon procurement chief, has seen life from both sides now, or at least federal acquisition. Soloway recently stepped down after 15 years as CEO of the Professional Services Council, a trade group representing hundreds of defense contractors. He joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to discuss why the Defense Department and everyone connected to it is wondering what happens next.

  • The state of professional services contracting

    Stan Soloway, former president of the Professional Services Council, joins host Mark Amtower to discuss the state of professional services contracting, the Defense Authorization bill, the 1102 workforce and more. February 15, 2016