Gerry Connolly

  • Telework Update

    What Congress is doing to keep feds off the roads and on the cyberhighways.

  • Click and follow funding

    Money from the stimulus package is starting to arrive in states across the U.S. but where is the money going? Congressman Gerry Connolly of Virginia has developed an interactive map on his website tracking where…

  • Teleworking: Anecdotal to Actuality

    Friday and Monday are the most popular telework days in government. So are you doing your thing from your home computer or are you at work work? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey’s got the latest saga in the telework marathon.

  • Hiring reform: a view from the Hill

    Reforming the federal hiring process will take more than just the Executive branch. Congress will have to do its part as well. For what’s ahead, we ask Rep. Gerry Connolly.

  • House bill would require manager training at all agencies

    Legislation proposed in the House of Representatives today would require all agencies to invest significant time and resources in managerial training.

  • Proposed Pentagon cuts make strange bedfellows

    Five days after proposing controversial cuts in Pentagon spending, much of official Washington still is reeling. Defense Secretary Gates called for $100 billion in spending reductions over the next five years. Some of the proposals to achieve those savings are finding mixed reaction among officials on Capitol Hill and in industry.

  • Senate to hold hearing on DoD plans to axe JFCOM

    The Senate Armed Services Committee has agreed to hold a hearing Sept. 9.

  • Connolly: Cyber top concern on Capitol Hill

    Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) tells the DorobekINSIDER he has some concerns about the Pentagon’s procurement changes.

  • Telework enjoys a ‘perfect storm’

    The private sector and Congress are showing wide support for federal telework.

  • Connolly: Congress must address USPS problems

    Learn more about what Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA) thinks Congress can do to help the U.S. Postal Service.