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  • With the Best Host Ever

    Making a difference in your community: It’s something many of us want to do, and tonight, the March of Dimes and Women in Technology recognizes women who have done just that in their annual “Heroines…

  • CIO Survey Task Force

    Paul Wohlleben Chairman of the CIO Survey Task Force, Grant Thornton March 5, 2009

  • Performance Matters for OMB

    The new budget proposal from the Obama administration contains about $17 billion worth of reductions and cuts of programs the Office of Management and Budget says don’t work, or don’t work well. Former associate director…

  • Tech jobs: who won, who lost in the recession?

    While the U.S. high-tech industry lost 245,600 jobs in 2009, federal IT employees and contractors may have dodged the biggest bullets. Josh James, Director of Research for the TechAmerica Foundation, and Olga Grkavac, executive vice president, public sector, TechAmerica explain.

  • OMB must sell Congress on budget cuts

    Former OMB officials say having solid data on why certain programs need to be ended or cut is key to making this initiative work. OMB directs agencies to suggest which low performing programs or those outside of the agency’s mission to target for termination or reduction by Sept. 13.

  • CHCOs say hiring specialists need new skills

    By Max Cacas Reporter Federal News Radio Every day, federal chief human capital officers strive to fulfill President Obama’s goal of a “first class federal workforce.” But increasingly, as a new report from the Partnership…

  • Mission and merit systems collide in HR

    A recent survey of chief human capital officers reveals some shortcomings and frustrations in the relationship between CHCOs and the Office of Personnel Management. But two veteran federal HR experts said such a tension is natural and even healthy. And a top OPM leader talks about an initiative to resolve concerns over the shortcomings of training on the part of the HR workforce and their ability to assist in hiring reforms.

  • A look at OMB’s administration assessment and management plans

    Francis Rose is joined by former OMB associate director Robert Shea with analysis on the memo

  • Has government hit mute on contracting officers’ innovation?

    Acquisition oversight by agency inspectors general, the Government Accountability Office and Congress have muted a lot of the innovation by contracting officers. A new survey by the Professional Services Council and Grant Thornton finds most…

  • Survey: Acquisition policy doesn’t translate

    A new survey from the Professional Services Council and Grant Thornton finds contracting officers don’t always find new guidance helpful in how they do their job. Acquisition workers also say too much oversight is causing innovation to be muted.