Hal Rogers

  • House budget plan includes fed pay freeze extension

    House Republicans unveiled a stopgap government funding measure Monday. The measure would extend the federal pay freeze and leave in place automatic sequestration cuts but would award the Defense and Veterans Affairs departments their detailed 2013 budgets while other agencies would be frozen at 2012 levels — and then bear the across-the-board cuts. The current continuing resolution expires March 27.

  • President signs continuing resolution, extends pay freeze

    President Barack Obama signed a continuing resolution Friday to fund government operations through March 27, 2013. The legislation represents a 0.6 percent across-the-board increase above fiscal 2012 levels. It also extends the federal pay freeze.

  • Six-month CR makes extension of fed pay freeze official

    The six-month stopgap spending bill unveiled by the House Appropriations Committee this week officially continues the federal pay freeze until at least March. The continuing resolution, which runs through March 27, gives lawmakers more time to make appropriations for the coming year and staves off the threat of a government shutdown. When a broad CR was first announced last month, the full Congress had not yet approved any fiscal 2013 spending bills. President Barack Obama proposed last month a 0.5 percent pay raise that would only take effect once Congress passed a 2013 budget — a de facto extension of the current two-year freeze. The CR makes the extension official.

  • OPM answers shutdown questions

    The agency issued guidance to help employees understand specific pay and benefits questions. White House senior officials will meet again Wednesday to discuss budget proposals. House lawmakers also issued shutdown guidance.

  • House restores some e-gov funding in CR

    Lawmakers included $17 million in the one-week bill to keep the government open. This is still short of the $35 million the administration requested, but it will help keep some of the open governments running.

  • House GOP targets more programs for deeper budget cuts

    Republican leaders in the House are calling for even deeper budgets cuts by putting forward a plan that cuts about $60 billion to hundreds of federal programs for the seven months remaining in the current fiscal year.

  • House GOP propose new defense cuts

    House Republicans will propose new defense and security spending cuts this week. That word comes from Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa. He didn’t give specifics on how large the cuts will be. But…

  • House to vote on cut to office salaries, expenses

    A measure sponsored by Rep. Greg Walden aims to cut salaries and office expenses in committees.

  • Opinion: Why Rogers is bad for the Approps Committee

    Republican Congressman Hal Rogers of Kentucky is in line to be the next head of the powerful House Appropriations Committee. David Silverberg of HS Today tells us why he thinks this is a bad idea.

  • Interoperability: surmounting the Tower of Babel

    Expectations clash with reality on Capital Hill on the issue of emergency communications interoperability.