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  • Obama Orders Gitmo Closing

    President Obama ordered the closing of the Guantanamo Bay Prison within a year. The president signed an executive order today directing the CIA to stop holding terrorism suspects for months and years and to now…

  • Eyes on the Southwest Border

    Upheaval on the southwest border of the US has been getting more attention. Violence that once was limited to the Mexican side of the border is washing over into the US, and Arizona is having…

  • What’s a Czar to Do?

    The White House has named the nation’s first “border czar.” Former federal prosecutor Alan Bersin was named to the post yesterday. James Carafano is an expert in homeland security and defense at the Heritage Foundation.…

  • Iraq Reconstruction: Hard Lessons

    The tactical and strategic lessons learned from Iraq form the basis of a new book by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. Stuart Bowen talked about that book “Hard Lessons: The Iraq Reconstruction Experience”…

  • Federal frugality

    President Obama has asked Congress to trim 121 federal programs, saving $17-billion dollars in the coming budget year. But critics contend that’s just a drop-in-the bucket, since the total budget exceeds $3-trillion dollars. Brian Riedl…

  • Sick leave legislation update

    Congress is debating a measure that would force companies to offer up to seven days of paid sick leave. And that includes federal contractors. Specifically, this would apply to employers with more than 15 workers.…

  • Heritage: General Schedule should be abandoned

    A new report suggests federal pay is burdening the American taxpayer. Study author James Sherk with the Heritage Foundation has details.

  • Are recent cuts to DoD programs just the beginning?

    In Depth’s new series, Pentagon Solutions, takes a look at why Secretary Robert Gates is calling for the cuts of certain programs, and whether or not there might be more to come.

  • Cybersecurity: can you be successful at it?

    Learn more in today’s Cybersecurity Update

  • Fate of cyber bills hangs on lame-duck session

    With Congress set to return for a lame-duck session after the elections, it is unclear whether lawmakers will have the time or inclination to pass a comprehensive cybersecurity bill. Some experts are calling for Congress to address at least some of the most important aspects if they can’t agree on a larger bill.