human resources

  • Panel to discuss how to attract and groom the best and brightest

    The Partnership for Public Service this morning is co-hosting a panel on how you can groom the next bright generation of Human Resources leaders. For starters, they’re asking newly hired federal HR professionals about what…

  • Future of human resources and social media

    Mashable reports on how the HR field can use social media to its advantage.

  • New Federal HR emerging leaders forum created

    The Partnership for Public Service has created a new federal HR emerging leaders forum, bringing together HR leaders from across the government. John Palguta, vice president for policy at the Partnership, shares details about the forum.

  • CHCO Council to train HR officers

    The Chief Human Capital Officer’s Council is on track to reverse a decision made 17 years ago. The council starting in January is expected to provide standardized training for federal human resources professionals. This is…

  • Part 2: SBA employees allege fake positions created

    In part 2 of the special investigative series, Diane Sellers said she faced another round of retaliation just this past January when management moved her into a new position without cause. Sellers and two other career agency officials say they are facing a hostile work environment because they blew the whistle on potential misconduct. SBA says there is no evidence of HR violations or creating phony positions.

  • HCMD: best practices from the biggest employer

    Approximately 3 million people work for the Department of Defense, making it the largest employer in the US. Human Capital Management For Defense conference director, Lisa Ringlen, tells us why the personal touch is important.

  • Agencies see potential of putting HR systems in cloud

    VA will award a contract for human resources services to a private sector cloud provider later this year. GSA still is in the planning stages, while the Coast Guard is refreshing its HR system that has been in a private cloud since 2003. OMB listed HR systems as a possible function to move to a shared service provider in 2012.

  • NSA hiring reforms serve as model for government

    Efficient recruitment and hiring practices might seem like a hard get at a high-security agency like NSA. But Kathy Hutson, the director of human resources at the National Security Agency, says the hiring protocols at her agency today demostrate all the reforms the Office of Personnel Management is recommending for the rest of government.

  • HR University looks to gain college accreditation for agency training

    The initiative aims to provide federal employees with college credit for certain agency-created human resources classes. Federal employees could apply the courses toward degrees at colleges and universities.

  • Federal workforce issues

    Avue Technologies Co-CEO Linda Rix, joins host Derrick Dortch to talk about what’s ahead for federal human resources managers. August 10, 2012