ICF International

  • 7 things every fed should know about 2017 NDAA

    Jeff Neal, former chief human resources officer at the Defense Logistics Agency, says the recently passed NDAA has implications for all federal employees.

  • What’s next for federal unions?

    Jeff Neal, former chief human capital officer at DHS, ponders how the new administration will handle federal employee unions.

  • What happens if you’re accidentally overpaid?

    Former DHS CHCO Jeff Neal says agencies handle overpayments in different ways, but the basic processes are similar.

  • OPM’s revamped USAJobs — Improved or just a new coat of paint?

    Former DHS CHCO Jeff Neal says OPM has done more than just put lipstick on a pig with its USAjobs renovation.

  • Fixing federal HR begins with staffing

    Former Homeland Security CHCO Jeff Neal says any rethinking of HR has to begin with staffing.

  • Let’s talk about veteran preference

    Veteran preference is in the news again, with new legislation proposing new limits. Former Homeland Security Chief Human Capital Officer Jeff Neal says that’s a big deal, becausey veteran preference is a kind of third rail of civil service reform.

  • Jeff Neal: New hiring campaign doesn’t go far enough

    OPM is fanning out across the country with new training sessions for the federal HR workforce. But Jeff Neal, senior vice president at ICF International, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin changes in the federal hiring process will have to involve a lot more than H.R. staff.

  • You might be a bureaucrat if …

    With apologies to comedian Jeff Foxworthy, former DHS CHCO Jeff Neal ticks off things that might make you a bureaucrat.

  • Should we beat on OPM again? Nope

    OPM made the right call this week when Metrorail was closed down for the day. Certainly not the popular call, but the one that was the right business decision for the taxpayers.

  • Can we hire (and keep) the talent for digital government?

    If innovators in industry can do it, why is the government — one of the world’s largest buyers of information technology — lagging behind when it comes to adopting digital technology?