• Fine-tuning your personal brand

    Frances Reimers, personal brand expert and principal at Firestarter Communications, discusses why summer is the perfect time to re-tune your brand to improve perception.

  • Fusing community engagement with the good parts of social media

    Karen McCord, CEO of Breezio, discusses how her company provides a service to connect communities, creating bases of knowledge for companies to keep engagement strong and cut out spam.

  • How the technology industry is changing its culture

    On this EXTRA episode, to understand what many tech companies are doing to change their internal culture for the better, and whether it’s enough to stave off regulations, we spoke with Mark Walsh, serial entrepreneur and investor; Ally Schweitzer, reporter at WAMU 88.5; and Stewart Verdery, CEO of Monument Policy Group.

  • The cloud, explained: where your data really goes

    Lee Kestler, chief commercial officer at Vantage Data Centers, discusses how important data centers are to the region’s economy, and how they work to assist businesses, schools, and our every day lives.

  • PoPville is your source for neighborhood scuttlebutt

    Dan Silverman, founder of D.C.-area news and rumor website PoPville joins us to talk about building an audience, staying authentic, and weeding out trolls to build a better business. Silverman explains how acting as a journalist and leader has created a popular site and a tight-knit community.

  • Thousands of Google employees protest working with the Pentagon

    In today’s Federal Newscast, over 3,100 employees send a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai asking he cancel a Defense Department pilot program which uses the company’s technology.

  • As net neutrality exits, 5G service is on its way

    Does the repeal of net neutrality open the doors for more efficient high-speed connection? One FCC commissioner seems to think it will.

  • Jared Der-Yeghiayan: ICE agent scans darknet for cybercrimes

    A little-known unit of Customs and Immigration Enforcement specializes in tracking down criminals on the darknet.

  • #FedFeed – Happy birthday, internet!

    Welcome to the #FedFeed, a daily collection of federal ephemera gathered from social media and presented for your enjoyment.

  • No shutdown, but US internet oversight sails away

    If things are working so well, what’s the rush to transition when there’s no real, hard deadline?