• Internet not changing the face of civic engagement in US

    Federal agencies have joined the age of online feedback. But new research suggests that only the wealthy and well-educated are most likely to respond. Aaron Smith is a research specialist with for the Pew Internet…

  • Vint Cerf explains DARPA and the Internet

    A man readily acknowledged by many as ”the father of the Internet” says the ”network of networks” originally bore little in common with the network we know today. And he says the Federal government, through its top Pentagon research arm, had a big hand in the development of the Internet.

  • Census to use Web in future counts

    Ten years from now, how the population in the U.S. is counted will probably be even more different than the population will be! Director of the Census Bureau, Dr. Robert Groves tells us the Census plans to test using the Internet for future counts.

  • Who can shut down the Internet?

    In the case of a cybersecurity attack, who –if anybody — should have the power to shut down the Internet. DorobekINSIDER talks with David Silverberg, editor of Homeland Security Today, about who should have the keys to the Internet.

  • White House launches Subcommittee on Privacy and Internet Policy

    White House launches Subcommittee on Privacy and Internet Policy to both promote online economic opportunities and protect individual privacy.

  • Happy 41st Birthday, Internet!

    The Internet is 41 today.

  • Inside the secret new Internet browser

    The Daily Beast describes the newest browser, RockMelt, which integrates social media.

  • FCC aims to close the digital divide

    Josh Gottheimer, senior counselor to the FCC Chairman, joined the DorobekINSIDER to describe how his agency is trying to close the digital divide.

  • Obama to set up watchdog for online privacy

    The Obama administration wants to push the federal government deep into the regulation of privacy on the Internet. In the coming weeks, the president will unveil a plan giving new powers to the Commerce Department.…

  • China hijacks 15% of internet, inluding military data

    China hijacked fifteen percent of Internet traffic across the globe. Nobody noticed, except for some cybersecurity experts. They may have also had access to data from U.S. military, civilian organizations and those of other U.S. allies.