Jim Courtney

  • Opting in the TSP’s blended retirement system? Don’t forget to contribute

    About 20,000 new opt-ins to the blended retirement system aren’t taking full advantage of the Thrift Savings Plan and its benefits.

  • The mistake that a few thousand TSP participants make every year

    Each year, thousands of Thrift Savings Plan participants max out their annual contributions too early and miss out on their agency’s matching contribution.

  • TSP updates from the experts

    For Your Benefit hosts welcome Kim Weaver, Director of External Affairs, and Jim Courtney, Director of Communications and Education, Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board to the studio this week.

    May 1, 2017

  • 2 major projects drive TSP board’s budget boost in 2017

    The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, the agency that facilitates the Thrift Savings Plan, is preparing for two major projects next year. The new blended retirement program for military members and the agency’s long term IT modernization plan are the driving factors behind the agency’s 17 percent budget increase in 2017.

  • TSP board’s budget feeling stress of cyber upgrades, audits

    The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board may need to ask for more resources to get through the rest of fiscal 2016, the agency’s leadership warned. The board predicts the money it spends on cybersecurity upgrades and external audits will likely force the agency to exceed 2016 budget allocations before the year ends.