Karl Schneider

  • Senior Executives Association names new temporary president

    The Senior Executives Association has announced a new interim president to lead the organization. The interim leader is replacing Bill Valdez, the prior SEA president who resigned in April.

  • Caretakers serve in key DoD posts while Trump assembles Defense team

    Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis is the only member of the Trump administration’s Defense team to be nominated, yet alone undergo a confirmation hearing.

  • DoD debuting new personnel system for civilian cyber workforce

    The Defense Department has begun initial steps to create a new civilian cyber workforce outside the strictures of the traditional civil service system.

  • Army cites progress at Arlington Cemetery

    Army officials told Congress Thursday that they had made progress in reforming management at Arlington National Cemetery, an institution they said lacked a management foundation when a new management team took over in the wake of a scandal involving mismarked grave sites and other problems. Some members still are unhappy with the changes.