Kelly Ayotte

  • DoD pegs excess base capacity at 22 percent

    DoD says its “conservative” estimates show that it is paying to maintain 22 percent more military base infrastructure than it can put to practical use.

  • ‘Significant problems’ in federal financial reporting

    The Comptroller General for the U.S. says the government’s financial reporting is unreliable thanks to Defense Department financial management issues, improper payment reporting and problems compiling agency financial statements.

  • Cobert clears first step in path toward Senate confirmation

    Though nominee Beth Cobert passed the first step in becoming the Office of Personnel Management’s permanent director, she could face problems as her nomination moves toward a full Senate vote. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said he’s concerned by OPM’s lack of response to two congressional requests for information.

  • Senators want DHS to have NSA-like defensive cyber powers

    A bipartisan group of six senators introduced the Federal Information Security Management Reform Act of 2015 to give DHS the clout it’s been lacking over the last five years and, in some respects, put it on par with the National Security Agency.

  • Bill would mean 5 years without a bonus for delinquent feds

    Three senators introduced a bill targeting federal employees who have engaged in misconduct, are not in good standing with their agency or have violated the law.

  • Congress passes bills to reduce duplicative reports, improve access to public records

    Wednesday was a productive day for Congress as the House sent two bills to President Barack Obama and a pair of critical DHS nominees head to the Senate floor.

  • Random audits would close gaps in security clearance process

    The Enhanced Security Clearance Act of 2013 requires the Office of Personnel Management to implement an enhanced security clearance system. Under the system, every security clearance gets two random audits over a five-year time period.

  • Senate bill would combine, eliminate 300-plus federal reports

    Legislation newly introduced in the Senate proposes to scrap hundreds of unneeded, outdated or repetitive reports. The House, meanwhile, is marking up its own version of the bill.

  • Senate bill calls for random background checks for clearance holders

    Five senators introduce bipartisan bill aimed at enhancing how the Office of Personnel Management handles the clearances of federal employees and contractors to access classified information. If enacted, the legislation would require OPM conduct random, automated reviews twice every five years of public records and databases for information about individuals with security clearances.

  • Congress passes deal to reopen government, bill heads to President Obama

    The Senate and House both voted Wednesday night, passing a bill that reopens the government and funds agencies through Jan. 15, permits the Treasury to borrow normally through Feb. 7, and provides back pay for federal employees furloughed during the 16-day government shutdown. The bill now heads to President Barack Obama for his signature, which he has said he will sign immediately.