Mark Reger

  • After 2 years, OMB still lacks permanent controller and that’s a problem

    Fred Nutt, President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the Office of Management and Budget controller, is no longer in the running for the position.

  • The new urgency for shared services

    The Trump administration is making a major push for agencies to consolidate back-office systems and make them more efficient through these shared resources.

  • Trump’s improper payment goal not impossible, but needs investments in personnel and IT

    Both the Trump administration and Congress are offering new goals to cut government improper payments over the next five to 10 years. Experts in the field say the targets aren’t impossible but need attention and investments in agency technology and personnel.

  • DATA Act neither a sprint nor marathon, but a ‘relay race’

    Two months after the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act implementation, the DATA Act is proving to not only be a source of financial accountability, but a beacon, platform, and self-help tool for managing government.

  • Stymied by risk, costs, shared services office crafts 4 ‘as-a-service’ approaches

    The Unified Shared Services Management office released a concept of operations and an RFI for software-as-a-service as part of its plan to continue moving the initiative forward in 2017.

  • OMB tells gov’t accountants to get serious about improper payments

    Government issued more improper payments in fiscal 2015 — $137 billion — a new high for agencies since the Office of Management and Budget first began measuring the rate in 2004. And as more agencies receive more material weaknesses, OMB said the federal accounting community has a role to play in turning this negative trend around.

  • Agencies still searching for a way out of their own data silos

    A new data pilot from the Small Business Administration is helping the agency keep better track of what grants it makes and where the money goes. It’s one small step forward as the SBA and other agencies implement their DATA Act plans.

  • OMB pushing agencies to use single system for online transactions

    The Office of Management and Budget is circulating a draft memo to CFOs to all-but-mandate the use of the Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) run by the Treasury Department. Sources say agencies would have to justify to OMB why they wouldn’t use the IPP. It’s part of the administration’s effort to push agencies toward more financial management shared services.

  • Dr. Mark Reger, National Center for Telehealth and Technology

    Defense health officials are testing a tool to give service members a mental health boost on demand. It’s a mobile app called the Virtual Hope Box. Each user can customize it. Mark Reger is the deputy director and chief of research at the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, which is part of the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury. He explained the app’s purpose when he joined Tom Temin and Emily Kopp on the Federal Drive.

  • Treasury begins shared services quest to educate, integrate

    The Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation issued two RFIs in the last few weeks. One announced an industry day for May 21, and the other is looking for ideas to improve how the government manages and integrates data from different systems.