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At VA, AI and data optimization hold the promise of better health outcomes, job satisfaction

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Amelia Brust/Federal News Networkcustomer experience

The powerful link between CX and cybersecurity is key to a prosperous digital ecosystem

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Data governance — plus 3 other factors — critical to making actionable use of data

Having loads of data isn’t enough. We talk with James Bench of Maximus about how to develop a practical governance strategy and about three other critical…

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CX Exchange 2023: Maximus’ MaryAnn Monroe on why to start by identifying critical pain points

By taking a human-centered design approach, view your agency’s services as your customer would and identify the most troublesome problems and burdens,…

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CX Exchange 2023: Maximus’ MaryAnn Monroe on why good employee CX starts before Day 1

When it comes to employee customer experience, it’s critical to take a lifecycle approach, says Maximus’ MaryAnn Monroe. From before day one to their last day, “everything that happens in between is that employee’s experience with a company or agency.”

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