Mike Rounds


Tales from GAO’s open recommendations: CyberStat overhaul, bridge contract guidance paused

A bipartisan group of lawmakers asked the Defense Department for more details about its plans to continue to provide a technology and cyber leadership…

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Public Health Service gets congressional attention for ready reserve corps

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Lawmakers still looking for definitive answer on what constitutes cyber war

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Senator wants definition on cyber act of war

Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) wants the Obama administration to figure out when a cyber attack is considered an act of war.

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Mark Warner/APDATA

DoD’s words ring hollow to vendors when it comes to LPTA

Objections to the use of lowest-price technically acceptable for contracts are growing, including Booz Allen Hamilton and CACI protests of DISA’s $17.5…

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Accountability and reform omnibus will create ‘new VA’

The Veterans First Act is a bipartisan omnibus bill that addresses problems within the Veterans Affairs Department. Everything from accountability to whistleblower protections is included in the package, along with major changes to the health care program for veterans, educational benefits and help for survivors.

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