Mitchell Miller

Congress, House Speaker

There’s a lot to do, as Congress returns

With Congress back in action next week, many eyes are on how it’s going to handle international affairs.

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WTOP/Dave DildineCongress, government shutdown

Will Congress get a budget deal done with only days before the first shutdown deadline?

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Congress swings-and-misses at impeachment, foreign aid, federal telework

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Congress returns in full, as the clock begins to run out once again

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Congress Speaker

The upcoming congressional session is shaping up like the one just ended

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Future budget resolution made tougher by present ‘laddered CR’

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Congress McCarthy

The situation in Congress is probably worse than you think

The bizarre stalemate in Congress is probably bad politically. But it might be even worse for the government itself. It increases the possibility that…

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Government Shutdown Explainer

There’s only one question before Congress, at least this week

With the machinery already cranking up for a federal government shutdown, can Congress pull itself together to pass a continuing resolution? The situation…

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AP Poll Polarization

Congress is on vacation and FEMA is running out of money

Just because Congress is on recess, natural disasters don’t stop. Now FEMA is running out of money, thanks in part to the fire in Maui. Just add it to the pile of Hill urgent issues. For the latest, the Federal Drive with Tom Temin spoke with WTOP Capitol Hill Correspondent Mitchell Miller.

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