Nani Coloretti

  • Lessons from 2 agencies rising the ranks in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

    At first glance, this year’s results of the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey might not show many significant improvements. But several large and small agencies, including the Housing and Urban Development Department and the Office of Special Counsel, made noticeable improvements in employee engagement this year.

  • HUD begins to earn back employee respect

    Nani Coloretti, the HUD deputy secretary, said the 8 point increase in the 10th annual Best Places to Work rankings can be traced to listening to employees and communicating changes.

  • Nani Coloretti: State, local, federal government service all the same

    She’s served the Obama administration since the beginning, but has a strong background in municipal in state government. Nani Coloretti, now the deputy secretary of Housing and Urban Development, is one of the newest fellows at the National Academy of Public Administration. But, she told Federal Drive with Tom Temin that she’s non-committal on a preference for state, local or federal government.

  • Best Places to Work shows ‘tide turning’ for employee satisfaction in 2015

    For the first time in four years, federal employee satisfaction and commitment improved among the workforce, according to the Partnership for Public Service’s 2015 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government.

  • HUD touts phased retirement program as means to build a ‘stronger’ agency

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development is the latest agency to get on board with “succession planning.”

  • COOs give President’s Management Council a mixed grade

    Deputy secretaries and other COOs give lackluster reviews to the President’s Management Agenda and President’s Management Council in a new report by the Partnership for Public Service and Booz Allen Hamilton.

  • Nani Coloretti, Deputy Secretary, HUD

    She manages Housing and Urban Development’s day-to-day operations, including a $45 billion annual budget and approximately 8,500 employees. As Women’s History Month comes to a close, she’s been sharing her experiences to help other women build successful careers in government. Nani Coloretti is the Deputy Secretary at HUD. On the Federal Drive with Tom Temin, she recounted growing up under the mild skies in Hawaii.

  • Nani Coloretti, Deputy Secretary, HUD

    It’s fast times for the Housing and Urban Development Department. Secretary Julian Castro has established priorities for both internal operations and policy. Much of the execution falls to the new deputy secretary. Nani Coloretti was confirmed last month. She joined the Obama administration in the Treasury Department in 2009. She spoke with Tom Temin on the Federal Drive about her new post and agenda.

  • Senate leaves Social Security’s Colvin, others, waiting for confirmation

    The Senate left Washington without confirming several of President Barack Obama’s nominees for the executive branch, including Carolyn Colvin, his choice to lead the Social Security Administration.

  • Agencies highlight accomplishments, prepare for new performance goals

    The White House will release an updated list of agency high-priority goals and cross-agency priority goals with the annual budget request to Congress in March. Meanwhile, the Office of Management and Budget detailed agency successes over the last two years in meeting current goals.