National Security Agency

  • Chief information officers in the intelligence community said despite cultural challenges, it makes sense to treat the IC as one IT enterprise. They owe an implementation plan to IC agency heads by the end of this year.

  • After a decade of uninterrupted spending growth, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has submitted budget cutting plans for intelligence agencies to the White House. The intelligence community will try to save money mostly through IT efficiencies, and will try to protect its civilian workforce while drawing down on its reliance upon contractors.

  • The National Security Agency will contribute the prize money for Maryland\'s first cyber competition. The agency says it wants to raise interest in cyber education and help ensure its future workforce.

  • A secure data link gets a stamp of approval from the National Security Agency. Learn more in today\'s Cybersecurity Update.

  • The National Security Agency wants to be able to outfit military personnel with commercial smartphones and tablets -- but based on a NSA security design.

  • Heather McColl is NSA\'s small business advocate. She tells Federal News Radio how NSA engages small businesses and the benefits both get from working together.

  • The Defense Information Systems Agency celebrated the ceremonial opening of its new 95-acre headquarters campus on Friday. Less than half of the 4,600 employees already work at its new headquarters at Fort Meade, Md. The agency expects the rest of its staff to move there from several northern Virginia locations by late August.

  • Agency deputy director said leadership and management take different skill sets, but every organization needs both. NSA uses training, mentoring and other resources to ensure its managers and leaders can succeed.

  • Every agency is in search of good leaders and good managers. But it is important to recognize the distinction.

  • The National Security Agency is now on the case of a cyber attack carried out against the NASDAQ stock exchange in October. The attacks are believed to be more extensive than initially reported. The NSA’s…

  • The head of U.S. Cyber Command says cloud computing is part of his plan for staying ahead of the cyber threats that face the Defense Department. “A year from now we should be well on our way to having a hardened architecture proven and in place, which provides a new level of cybersecurity,” said General [...]

  • The National Security Agency is testing a new IT architecture for securing data on mobile devices.

  • The National Security Agency tests a new IT architecture for securing data on mobile devices.

  • General Michael Hayden, the director of NSA from 1999 to 2005, says in order to protect people from vulnerabilities we need to first educate them of the risks, Wired Magazine reports.

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