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By one count, the cybersecurity job market is running dry

Job postings for certain cybersecurity positions have dropped so much, it is affecting national security.

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Report card shows shortcomings in how DoD oversees intelligence

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Derace Lauderdale/Federal News NetworkOSINT

FISA amendments must acknowledge critical role OSINT plays in preserving national security

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Trump Classified Documents

When you leave service in national security, you just can’t go work anywhere.

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Peter MusurlianMichele Pearce and Alex Hastings of the law firm of Covington & Burling discuss the 2024 NDAA with Tom Temin

National Defense Authorization Act moves a lot of chess pieces

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Amelia Brust/Federal News Networkmodernizing congress

Why there’s not a huge cause for optimism for the rest of the federal budget year

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Cybersecurity IT engineers are working on protecting networks from cyber attacks from hackers on the Internet. Secure access to online privacy and personal data protection

Fear and loathing in Defense IT: Time to enforce FAR conflict of interest rules and revolving door abuses

John Weiler, the executive director and co-founder of the IT Acquisition Advisory Council, calls for agencies to be more aggressive in preventing suppliers…

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What to do about obesity among military service members

Obesity is worsening as a military recruitment and readiness problem. Too many potential enlistees arrive at recruitment stations too fat. More than two…

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The impact and associated risks of AI on future military operations

With the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, we are entering an era of national security reshaped by revolutionary technology. AI presents the potential to improve future military operations by enhancing decision-making, combat effectiveness and operational efficiency.

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