• Navy emphasizes cloud in upcoming NGEN competition

    The Navy released a request for information flagging cloud computing as one of the IT domains that it may break apart from the next NGEN contract — expected to be awarded to a new vendor or vendors sometime next year.

  • Navy, Marine Corps see NGEN as gateway to commercial IT

    But both services say they hope to use the recompetition of NGEN to give commercial industry more of a hand in the IT services they’re providing to sailors and marines.

  • Navy transitions Task Force Cyber Awakening to permanent office

    The new Navy Cybersecurity division will be part of the headquarters staff, giving it reach both into the service’s resourcing decisions and its acquisition processes.

  • Navy can’t afford to fix all of its cyber vulnerabilities, so time to prioritize

    A task force assigned to take a holistic view of the Navy’s cybersecurity posture catalogues security holes across the Navy enterprise, and concludes that plugging each one would cost an absurd amount of money.

  • Navy is moving its email to the cloud – only questions are how and when

    The Navy is testing Microsoft’s Office 365 as one potential option for migrating its email users to a cloud-based service. But the cost of securing the system is yet to be determined.

  • Navy’s ‘awakening’ means cyber threats aren’t just an IT problem

    A new task force widens the Navy’s cybersecurity aperture worrying about ships and airplanes as being vulnerable to attack just as email and database servers are.

  • Navy on schedule for full transition to NGEN contract at end of this month

    After years of acquisition planning, bid protests and then eventually a rolling process of migrating users from one contract to another, the Navy says all of its users will have moved to its new NGEN contract by the end of this month.

  • Jared Serbu, DoD Reporter, Federal News Radio

    As the Navy retakes control over its own IT networks, it is eager to introduce features that improve the experience for end users. At the same time, the Navy is warning vendors that it’s not going to buy just bells and whistles. Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu reports. Read Jared’s related article.

  • Navy looks to vendors for rapid upgrades to NMCI network

    By September, the Navy anticipates it will have retaken full ownership of its main IT network after having outsourced it a decade earlier. The service says it wants to find ways to bring innovation into NMCI, but vendors will have to meet some checkpoints along the way.

  • Jared Serbu, Defense Reporter, Federal News Radio

    The Navy is long overdue to move away from its legacy network known as the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet. Now, brass says it intends to move its enterprise IT network onto its new contract, known as NGEN, by the end of September. Listen to Federal News Radio DoD Reporter Jared Serbu’s audio report or read Jared’s related article .