• Are concerns over the transition to the new telecom contract warranted yet?

    HHS CIO Beth Killoran said moving 400,000 telecommunications inventory items to the new Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract in two-and-a-half years may not be feasible.

  • Collaboration, cloud leading to consolidation of 17 USDA networks

    Jonathan Alboum, USDA’s chief information officer, said he is working through the agency’s CIO Council to develop a concept of operations to modernize the agency’s networks and move to the cloud.

  • Next generation telecom RFP a test of GSA’s listening skills

    The General Services Administration on Oct. 16 released a 15-year, $50 billion telecommunications solicitation as the follow-on to the Networx contract. GSA hopes to avoid the mistakes it made with Networx with the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions vehicle.

  • GSA telecom tales from a ‘not-for-attribution’ conference

    The General Services Administration extended the Networx contract for three years and released the draft request for proposals for the first major piece of the Network Services 2020 vehicle Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) on Feb. 28.

  • A second bite at the Networx apple?

    GSA has made it clear the follow-on to Networx, called Network Services 2020, will live up to its name with most agencies not completely migrating to the new contract for another five years.

  • An update on GSA’s Integrated Technology Service

    Mary Davie, assistant commissioner for GSA’s Integrated Technology Service and Mark Day, ITS assistant deputy commissioner, will talk about the agency’s priorities for this year. March 4, 2014

  • Transition to Networx telecom contract cost $395M more than planned

    The Government Accountability Office found in a new report that the 33-month delay in moving to GSA’s Networx contract from FTS2001 caused agencies to spend more money and miss out on potential savings.

  • Agencies preparing for next evolution in telecom services

    The General Services Administration is preparing the Network Services 2020 program that would move the government to a standardized telecommunications network infrastructure. Other agencies, such as VA and ATF, are building on their experiences with the cloud to create an agile network infrastructure.