performance management

  • OMB’s new performance framework to combine the best of the past

    Deputy director for management Jeffrey Zients hires Shelley Metzenbaum to help lead the performance management effort. OMB to lean on the Performance Improvement Council to develop and advocate for new approach.

  • Senate moves to improve the performance of performance management

    A former Virginia Governor takes a key role in helping the Senate to understand government performance measurement.

  • DoD to host a performance symposium open to all

    500 performance improvement leaders from across the Department of Defense, including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Agencies and activities, and federal government agencies get ready to gather and compare notes, and you’re invited! We get details from J. D. Sicilia, the director of the Defense Department’s Lean Six Sigma Program Office.

  • OMB preparing performance management dashboard

    Administration will list agencies’ progress in meeting their high-priority goals detailed in the 2011 budget request. OMB wants quarterly updates to ensure agencies are on track to meet their plans of actions and milestones. Meanwhile, the House passes a bill to mandate a new type of performance management.

  • Data driving performance measures for Federal agencies

    OMB is setting up a new dashboard to measure agency performance.

  • Reporting performance at your agency getting more dynamic

    OMB released new guidance to shift agencies from focusing on planning and reporting their performance to using their performance information to make decisions.

  • FDA-Track launched to improve program performance

    FDA-TRACK is a new agency-wide program performance management system that monitors over 100 FDA program offices through key performance measures. FDA’s Joshua Sharfstein says along the way, they’ve found some unexpected benefits to using the system.

  • Lew sets tone for second term as OMB director

    Senators praise Lew for experience. Committee plans to vote on his nomination next week. Lew said technology, acquisition reform and performance management are among his top non-budget priorities.

  • Law requires FEMA to streamline preparedness

    Congressman Henry Cuellar’s homeland security bill to direct the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assess the efficiency of homeland security grants is about to become law. He explains how it will work.

  • OMB asks agencies for self-assessments

    The administration conducts its first set of reviews of the three-to-eight high priority goals each agency set last year. OMB is encouraging agencies to conduct their own reviews in order to keep focus on meeting the objectives. All agency performance information eventually will be made public through a new portal,