performance management

  • USDA to switch to ‘pass-fail’ performance management system, new awards policy this fall

    The Agriculture Department is finalizing a new performance management system, which will move employees from a five-tier system to a “pass-fail” program. The new policy, which USDA plans to roll out Oct. 1, will allow supervisors to reward employees for specific mission accomplishments throughout the year, the agency said.

  • Too hard to reward federal employees? VBA says it’s found a way

    An encouraging slogan and the prospect of an extra day off is motivating employees at the Veterans Benefits Administration to meet and beat a series of ever-evolving performance goals.

  • Performance is the key to employee engagement

    Agencies will likely miss out on the symbiotic relationship between performance and engagement. Strategically, the better approach is to integrate these two critically important human capital processes by making performance management the centerpiece of the employee engagement strategy.

  • 2020 is the year for scaling up Trump administration workforce pilots

    A new year brings many of the same priorities for the Trump administration and its workforce, but a new update notes plans to develop agility training for managers and double down on efforts to create federal career paths.

  • 5 things we learned from the 2019 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

    Federal News Network took a closer look at employee perceptions of performance management techniques, the government shutdown and telework, among other topics in the 2019 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

  • Agencies get even more performance management, disciplinary guidance from OPM

    The Office of Personnel Management has even more performance management guidance. This time, it’s designed to encourage agencies to reconsider the concept of progressive discipline when managing employees.

  • OPM tells agencies to review, streamline performance management, disciplinary policies

    Under the latest guidance from the Office of Personnel Management, agencies have new deadlines now to review and then streamline their existing performance management and disciplinary procedures for federal employees.

  • Leaders speak on performance management in government

    Performance management initiatives over the past two decades helped shift the conversation within and across U.S. government agencies—from a focus on measuring program activities and outputs to a focus on achieving mission outcomes. Join host Michael Keegan for a special edition of The Business of Government Hour exploring the evolution of Performance Management in Government.

  • Performance management: a conversation with John Kamensky

    What are some of the key challenges in performance management today? How are other governments around the world using performance management? What are some of the key international trends in government performance management? Join host Michael Keegan as he explores these and other questions with John Kamensky, Senior Fellow at The IBM Center for The Business of Government.

  • Trump administration to focus in on federal employee performance awards, reskilling in 2019

    The Trump administration is also planning to study the full scope of federal employees’ pay, benefits other opportunities for recognition, in effort to prove to Congress that the workforce would benefit from more flexible performance-based awards over across-the-board pay raises.