Phyllis Schneck

  • New tools are coming to a DHS signature cyber program

    Phyllis Schneck, the deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity and communications in the National Protection and Programs Directorate, said the agency is pulling data from multiple sources to more quickly recognize potential and real cyber threats. Then DHS is rating those threats on a scale help agencies decide how quickly they need to take action.

  • 71 percent of IT execs say cyber talent shortage causing measurable harm

    A new report aims to put to rest the question of whether a national and global shortfall of cybersecurity talent is a genuine problem.

  • DHS: ‘We’re not looking for the 30-year-career employee’

    The Homeland Security Department says a new cyber hiring authority is giving it an opportunity to create federal workforce of the future. Angela Bailey, DHS chief human capital officer, said she envisions a future where employees can more easily move back and forth between government and the private sector.

  • DHS to meet another deadline with cyber ‘weather map’

    DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson is scheduled to certify the Automated Indicator Sharing initiative on March 16, which provides a central location for cyber data and a way to share it across agencies and industry.

  • DHS names McAfee to lead Silicon Valley outreach effort

    Sean McAfee, the deputy director of the National Cybersecurity Assessment and Technical Services, will lead the cyber operations part of the Homeland Security Department’s new Silicon Valley office, where he will work with companies to find innovations that the government can test and scale across all agencies as soon as possible.

  • DHS chief: Agency ‘not where we should be’ for hiring cyber talent

    DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson defended his agency’s $40.6 billion fiscal 2017 budget, telling a congressional committee that cybersecurity funding would help hiring efforts.

  • Agencies return to drawing board on proposed rules for ‘cyber weapons’

    Over the last several months, security researchers, private firms and some governmental organizations have expressed alarm at federal rules intended to prevent proliferation of offensive cyber tools.

  • DHS moving forward with NPPD reorg plans, despite objections from Congress

    A major focus for the National Protection and Programs Directorate reorganization is unifying the directorate’s physical and cyber infrastructures.

  • DHS to give agency networks a shot of cyber vitamin C

    Phyllis Schneck, the deputy undersecretary of cybersecurity and communications at the Homeland Security Department, said the EINSTEIN 3A program is part of a growing set of tools that are creating a cybersecurity immune system for federal networks and computers.

  • Administration’s cyber sharing proposal a ‘policy puzzle,’ not a panacea

    DHS officials tell Congress that while liability protections are key to encouraging companies to share cyber threat data with federal agencies, the department must also work to earn their trust. It must also work through a “policy puzzle” regarding roles and responsibilities surrounding information sharing.