Transforming the Workforce Through Reskilling, Upskilling

During this webinar Peter Sursi, the former head of talent acquisition in the Human Resources Division at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, will describe…

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(Getty Images/iStockphoto/Jirsak)federal hiring

VA’s pandemic hiring spree continues, but Congress wishes reforms could have taken place years ago

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U.S. Marines walk down a removable Trident Pier leading to an American ship docked near an Emirati military base home to a Military Operations and Urban Terrain facility in al-Hamra, United Arab Emirates, Monday, March 23, 2020. U.S. Marines and Emirati forces held the biennial exercise, called Native Fury, that saw forces seize a sprawling model Mideast city. The drill on Monday was conducted amid tensions with Iran and despite the global new coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo/Jon Gambrell)

Congressional commission calls for sweeping changes to military, public service programs

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Office of Personnel ManagementMargaret Weichert, acting director at the Office of Personnel Management and deputy director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget., holds a challenge coin.

Thousands of federal employees to be asked about benefits this coming fall

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Kilmer: It’s ‘well past due’ for Congress to modernize

A new select committee is tasked with finding ways to update how Congress conducts day-to-day business. It has one year to provide recommendations.

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Jothi Dugar is the NIH’s clinical center’s chief information security officer.

For NIH’s Dugar, like minds really do think differently about cybersecurity

Jothi Dugar, the NIH’s clinical center’s chief information security officer, said she is using the agency’s Diversity of Science effort to increase…

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Army finds its recruiting methods outdated in wake of missing goal

The Army is overhauling the way it recruits after a sour 2018. This includes exploring social media, Twitch and even memes as a way to reach potential recruits.

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