• Unions play political cards

    Back in less partisan times, federal and postal unions or at least their elected leaders leaned Democratic and but close ties with key Republicans in Congress, as well as with staffers whose committees dealt with civil service matters.

  • Politics in your office: Do you know who’s who?

    Although feds are supposed to avoid partisan politics at work, chances are you have a pretty good idea how most of your colleagues voted in the last election.

  • Republican feds, who knew?

    Republican politicians might be making a big mistake in writing off federal workers and retirees, and Democrats might make an equally big mistake by taking them for granted.

  • White House civil service blueprint: Reform or revenge?

    Politicians who want to reduce the cost of the federal retirement and labor-management programs say they are doing it for the most noble reasons.

  • Big retirement plan cuts: What are the odds?

    Are you worried about the pay-more-get-less design changes Congress and the White House are considering for your Federal Employees Retirement System and Civil Service Retirement System plans?

  • David Hawkings: Farm Bill, immigration and other issues facing Congress this week

    Despite their factions, Democrats and Republicans appear unified in their disdain for the latest Farm Bill.

  • GOP battle plan: Embrace, don’t choke feds

    Republicans who want to stave off a midterm majority-party defeat might want to run some numbers on fed voters in their districts.

  • Are you and your fellow feds red, blue or puce?

    The federal family of working civil servants, retirees, spouses, friends and family is old enough to vote, and with many good reasons to vote.

  • No pay raise? So grab a COLA

    Some clever, eligible federal workers are considering retiring later this year to be on the retirement roles for the January 2019 cost of living adjustment. But the problem is that time is not on their side.

  • Fed unions hope to flip the House

    The American Federation of Government Employees and have endorsed congressional candidates whom they hope will advocate for federal worker pay going forward.