• Homeland Security Committee

    The House Homeland Security Committee is one of more than 80 House and Senate organizations that oversee some part of the Homeland Security Department. Committee members–both Democrat and Republican–know that needs to change. Congressman Bennie…

  • House Homeland Security Committee

    Republicans on the the House Homeland Security Committee are concerned over the removal of several specific areas from the committee’s oversight plan. The Democrats detailed some of their agenda Wednesday during a business meeting. Several…

  • Party of one

    Can Republicans afford to keep alienating one ethnic and religious group after another?

  • Divided Congress: Gridlock or opportunity?

    Politico, GovExec and Washington Post report on the divided Congress and the possibility of gridlock.

  • Issa plans hundreds of hearings

    Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman-in-waiting for the House Oversight Committee, said he will expand oversight of government.

  • Obama and Republicans divided on terror issues

    Politico reports that Obama and the Republicans face differences in counterterrorism issues.

  • House GOP targets more programs for deeper budget cuts

    Republican leaders in the House are calling for even deeper budgets cuts by putting forward a plan that cuts about $60 billion to hundreds of federal programs for the seven months remaining in the current fiscal year.

  • GOP budget plan cuts fed workforce, freezes pay for 3 years

    Updated April 18, 2011. This story has been corrected to state a three-year freeze instead of a five-year freeze. Comments in the press conference noted a five-year freeze. By Jolie Lee Federal News Radio House…

  • Dan Blair, President, National Academy of Public Administration.

    Federal workforce issues could face challenges as a result of yesterday’s elections. Republicans beginning in January will regain a majority in Senate while adding 14 seats to their lead in the House. What will this all mean to federal employees and agencies? Dan Blair is president and CEO of the National Academy of Public Administration. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive with analysis.

  • Some in House reject GOP warning against shutdown

    CHARLES BABINGTON Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Top Republicans say two things are clear: Last year’s government shutdown hurt the party. And Republicans must not let the president’s pending immigration action bait them into a…