Robert Work

(Getty Images/iStockphoto/metamorworks)artificial intelligence, intelligence community

Opportunity to reskill federal workforce for AI jobs ‘underutilized,’ panel warns Congress

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence is warning that the federal government, at all levels, doesn’t have the workforce it needs…

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AI commission sees ‘extraordinary’ support to stand up tech-focused service academy

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Amid funding challenges, 2017 marks year of change for Defense

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Pentagon ends civilian hiring freeze, but tells managers to carefully scrutinize all positions

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Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work/AP/Cliff Owen

Reversing course, Pentagon says it fully supports restructuring of its acquisition bureaucracy

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Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work/APRobert Work

Pentagon orders 16 specific exemptions to federal hiring freeze

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, the deputy Defense listed 16 separate functions that will be immune from the hiring freeze.

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James Mattis

Caretakers serve in key DoD posts while Trump assembles Defense team

Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis is the only member of the Trump administration’s Defense team to be nominated, yet alone undergo a confirmation hearing.

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Defense spending fight looms for lame-duck Congress

Congress bought itself more time to work out a fiscal 2017 budget by passing a continuing resolution, but an intractable fight remains on the defense spending front.

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