Sean Moulton

  • Deadline passes for agencies to tell OMB what federal advisory committees to cut

    POGO’s Sean Moulton explained to Federal Drive why he thinks some of the actions being taken to reduce government committees are a step backward.

  • How accessible is IGs’ work to the public?

    Sean Moulton, senior policy analyst at the Project On Government Oversight, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin, saying this is an area for improvement.

  • Watchdog group: Lasting effects of a prolonged government shutdown

    Federal government lapses in funding have become a regular occurrence. But only rarely have they lasted more than a weekend.

  • Watchdog group gives Treasury recommendations for upgrading spending website

    Sean Moulton, POGO’s open government project manager, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin for  the highlights.

  • Sean Moulton: Potential regulation rollback in 2018

    POGO’s Sean Moulton joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to tell us what potential 2018 regulation rollback could mean for the federal agencies

  • Sean Moulton: States may have answer to procurement transparency

    Every time there’s been a move to post actual federal contract documents on public websites, the effort’s been derailed, partly because of concerns about protecting contractors’ proprietary information. Sean Moulton manages the open government program at Project on Government Oversight. He tells Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu on Federal Drive with Tom Temin about what the feds can learn from how states handle similar information.

  • GSA gives the ‘dump DUNS’ movement more hope

    The General Services Administration released a request for information asking for input from the data community for other potential ways to validate and verify vendors.

  • Lawmakers punt major VA issues to next Congress

    A new omnibus veterans package cleared the House Tuesday afternoon, but it doesn’t address three controversial issues that both veterans affairs committees and the VA Secretary himself have spent the past year debating. That leaves a fix for the outdated veterans appeals process, an alternative or solution to the Veterans Choice Program and new accountability procedures to the 115th Congress and next administration.

  • Sean Moulton: New report looks at progress toward more open government

    You may have missed this one. But at the end of 2015 the Obama administration concluded work on its second national action plan for the Open Government Partnership. If the government was a door, you’d say it’s still half open, or half closed depending on your point of view. Two dozen good-government groups carefully evaluated open government progress. Sean Moulton, open government project manager at the Project on Government Oversight, joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin to share what they found.

  • Sean Moulton, Center for Effective Government

    Fifteen agencies receive the bulk of Freedom of Information Act Requests each year. In fact, they account for 90 percent of requests made to the federal government over the last two years. The Center for Effective Government has evaluated their performance in three areas: The agency’s FOIA rules, its FOIA website, and how quickly and completely it handles FOIA requests. Sean Moulton is director of open government policy at the Center for Effective Government. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to review the 2015 Access to Information Scorecard.